We have recently released a web version of Tube Toolbox which can be accessed by any browser. 

You can find Tube Toolbox Web at https://web.tubetoolbox.com.  Note: a Tube Toolbox Web subscription is different than a Tube Toolbox Desktop subscription, they are not interchangeable. Read this for further details: FAQ: Can I use my Tube Toolbox (Desktop) Subscription with Tube Toolbox (Web)?.

We do have a solution for Mac users who want to use Tube Toolbox Desktop.

The following describes a way for Mac users to use our product. Although Tube Toolbox was built for Windows, we have users who have successfully installed and run Tube Toolbox on a MAC using the following steps. Please note that we cannot support or help in any way other than giving you the steps that worked for others.

  1. Mac OS X operating system (preferably Leopard, Tiger will work also).
  2. An Intel based Apple computer.
  3. You need to install Parallels Desktop 3.0 Software for Mac.
  4. You need a licensed copy of Windows.
  5. Using Parallels software you can then install Windows on you Mac and run MS Windows in a pop-up window or on a second monitor on your Mac.
  6. Visit Tube Toolbox in your Internet Explorer in MS Windows running on you MAC and download the software.