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Tube Toolbox has been in business for 5+ years and we've only had one previous case where users account were suspended (May 31st, 2012). Today (Nov 19th, 2012) we had several people email us and say that their YouTube account was suspended. We have thousands and thousands of users who seem to be just fine but the fact that all of you were suspended raises red flags and means that something is wrong.

Can I get my Channel back?

Hopefully. The truth is, no one knows exactly who the mystery people are on the other side of who will decide your fate but there is a webpage set up where you can appeal your suspension: People have definitely been known to get their accounts back so make sure to fill out that form. In a worst case scenario that you can't get your Channel recovered, keep in mind that Tube Toolbox has all of your synchronized contacts and Subscribers in a list. So you do have a list of your Subscribers and if you build a new channel, you can contact those people directly and hopefully get them back on board. To get to your list of subscribers, log into Tube Toolbox with your suspended account and when it says "login failed", click the "more options" link and it will let you into the program to get access to your data. I know building a new channel is not what you want to hear and hopefully you will never even need to think about it but we want all information listed here that can help in any way.

What happens to my Tube Toolbox Subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription using this link: How To: Cancel your Professional Subscription or, you can keep your subscription active and switch it by following these instructions: How To: Switch your Professional Subscription to a Different Channel.

Is there anything I can do to help?

YES. We have a short set of questions below that will be extremely helpful in us figuring out if this was in fact Tube Toolbox related and if so, what went wrong.

  1. When did you last use Tube Toolbox?
  2. What bulk actions were you using last? (Share Video, Add Contact, etc)?
  3. What bulk options do you use most?
  4. Do you use multi-account sending when Sharing Videos or Messages? (aka "account chaining")
  5. Was it your main account that was suspended or "proxy" accounts?
  6. Did all of your Google Accounts have the same phone number or other link to identify that they were owned by you (if more than 1 account suspended)
  7. Most useful of all - if you send us your Data File, it could help us determine what went wrong - instructions here: How To: Send your Data File
  8. Let us know your timezone - having this information with your data file will help us identify if there was a timeframe in which all suspensions occurred.
  9. What was the date and time your account was suspended? (Approximate time is important).

Thanks for working through this with us. We have our fingers crossed that there will be a positive outcome and that YouTube will reinstate your account. Please keep us posted with YouTube's response if you submit your appeal through their website.

If you have any specific questions, you can contact us and we'll keep this webpage active with a current status: