Tube Toolbox Glossary

Here are some (hopefully) helpful descriptions of phrases that are used throughout Tube Toolbox

Send Delay

This is the amount of time that Tube Toolbox waits between each bulk action (Message, Friend Request, Comment, etc). You will pick a Min and Max Send Delay and Tube Toolbox will pick a random number between the 2 numbers that you select. So, if you are sending bulk Messages, Tube Toolbox will send a Message, then wait the 'Send Delay' you have selected, then send another Message, then wait the send delay, then send another Message (and so on). The reason that we have a Send Delay is to stay within YouTube's Terms of Service.

Auto-Retry Times

YouTube limtis the number of Messages, Friend Requests, etc that you can send each hour. Once Tube Toolbox recognizes that you have sent as many as YouTube will allow, it will wait a certain amount of time before trying again. The amount of time that it waits is called the 'Auto-Retry' time. We recommend waiting at least 15 minutes. So, you might send 20 Friend Requests, then YouTube will make you wait 15 mintues before sending any more. After waiting 15 minutes, you can send 20 more, then you are forced to wait 15 minutes again (and so on).

Gathered Users

When you look at any webpage on YouTube, you can see user Channel names sprinkled throughout the page. These are the people who you are going to be contacting using Tube Toolbox. Tube Toolbox can 'extract' these Channel names from the page and the default group that these users get added to is called 'Gathered Users'. You can create your own groups and add extracted to other groups; 'Gathered Users' is just an empty group that we created for you to use as a default group.