Our software maintains a database file on your computer. It contains your messages, lists, historical send information, etc. So, if you use a second PC, each computer will not know what the other computer has done. For example, if you decide to send messages from both computers the software will not know you have already sent a message to a specific user on the other computer. We do have people who are doing this but there are some options you need to consider.

Here are some options:

  1. Have each computer use a different feature. For example, one computer would only send friend requests, the
    second computer would share videos and the third computer would send messages
  2. Create a totally different channel(s) and have each computer market a different channel.
  3. Separate target marketing by computer. As examples, one computer may gather and market to people with dietetic
    interests, the second computer would market to people with holistic medicine interests, etc.

The main thing you are trying to avoid is to send multiple messages to the same people as that will get lots of reports for spamming.

Note: If all of the computers are using the same Internet connection, it will look to YouTube like they are all coming from the same location. From time to time you can get a "There is too much traffic coming from your Network" error from YouTube if you are doing too much at once. There is no magic number as far as how many copies you can run before getting that error and if you do get that error, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that Tube Toolbox needs to wait a bit longer before continuing to do what it was doing (which is does automatically). We have never seen anyone penalized (i.e. suspended) for doing too much from a single network because once they thing you are doing too much, you are simply temporarily blocked from accessing their website (~15 mins or you can go to YouTube.com in a browser and enter a Security Code/CAPTCHA). If you decide to do #1 above, then you are technically in violation of YouTube's TOS because it is likely doing more than a human can in the same period of time so we don't recommend it.