So, take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee and let's begin a journey into the Bizarro ( world of Google/YouTube logins.

First, there are two ways you can log into YouTube. You can log in directly through a browser or software like Tube Toolbox can use Google's Advanced Program Interface (API). We recently added the usage of the API because there are changes within YouTube that makes using it better. Of course, that causes more complexity for us (and some YouTube errors which they need to fix) And, to be clear, when you log into Tube Toolbox we are using both ways to log you in. Some functionality requires us to use the API and some need the browser login.

As you review the information below, just remember you are the one who requested to use 2 step verification :-). Also, if any of the instructions below do not work, you need to clear the browser cookies in Internet Explorer and whatever default browser you use.

Google/YouTube made a change recently which require you to enter your email address when logging in if you have 2-step verification. You can't use your channel name. If your channel name is displayed just type over it with your email address.


Google has a way to set up a "special password" for you to use with software like ours. Once you set up that special password, you won't have to do it again. You will need to enter your text code each time but you will not have to set up the special password again. So, if you log into Tube Toolbox, you have 2-step verification turned on and you see a screen like the one below, click on the link.


After you click on the link, the screen below will be displayed. Enter your YouTube password and click on verify.


After clicking on verify, the following screen will be displayed. Enter a value in the name field. After you enter a name, click on "Generate password".


After you clicked "Generate password" the following screen is displayed. Copy the generated password so you can paste it into Tube Toolbox. Click on Done. After you have copied the password, you will need to click on the Tube Toolbox icon in your system tray to bring Tube Toolbox back up.


After you have brought back up Tube Toolbox, the screen below will be displayed. Paste the code in the text box and click on "Verify".


At this point, you will have created a special password for using Tube Toolbox. We store this password so you don't have to go through the process above again. So, now you might think you are through and ready to start using Tube Toolbox. Guess again :-) ...we have not entered our text code for the 2-step verification process. In fact it is so much fun, we are going to have to do it twice. Hey - don't blame, us blame Google/YouTube. Actually, as we mentioned above, YOU were the one who requested 2-step verification be turned on.

So, after you verified your special password the screen below is displayed.


Enter the text code sent by Google in this screen and click on Submit Answer. Assuming you entered the correct text code the your home page will be displayed (see below). However, we have one more step to go.


Because Tube Toolbox uses an internal Internet Explorer browser, you need to get another text code for this browser session. So, you will need to get the latest text code from Google and enter it in the screen above. After doing so, click on Verify.

NOW, you can finally begin using Tube Toolbox! If you went through half the number of cups of coffee I did in writing this up, you may need a bathroom break and some deep breaths to keep the hands from shaking.

Oh, did I mention that you were the one that requested 2-step verification be turned on :-)