For various reasons (such as too many failed log-in attempts), YouTube will require you to enter a CAPTCHA/Security Code when logging in. This can cause some issues with the Tube Toolbox log-in screen.


Perform the following actions in order.

  1. Close Tube Toolbox.
  2. Open Internet Expolorer (NOT FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc). Internet Explorer. Try to log into YouTube with the same username/password that is failing with Tube Toolbox. Google will most likely give you some sort of message where you have to enter a security code (CAPTCHA).
  3. Once that is complete and you have successfully logged in, close all Internet Explorer browsers.
  4. Open Tube Toolbox and try to log in again. If it works, then stop here.
  5. Still not working?
  6. Delete your Internet Explorer cookies. You should find the version of Internet Explorer you have on your computer and follow the instructions for that version in this link Try logging into Tube Toolbox again.
  7. If that does not work, restart your computer, launch Tube Toolbox and cross your fingers. This should work.