Q: What is TubeAssist?

A: TubeAssist is a version of Tube Toolbox that runs in a web browser instead of downloading and installing it on your computer, like the desktop version. You can run TubeAssist on a PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet - whatever - as long as it has a web browser. The downside is that it is more limited than the original Tube Toolbox and not all of the same features are available.

Q: If I have a paid Tube Toolbox Subscription will that Subscription apply to TubeAssist?

A: No. It is being treated as a completely separate product. If you want to use the web version instead of the desktop version, you will probably want to cancel your desktop subscription (How To: Cancel your Professional Subscription) and sign up for a new TubeAssist Subscription.

Q: Is my account safer using TubeAssist than using Tube Toolbox Desktop?

A: That is a good question and we don't know yet because TubeAssist is such a young product. The Desktop version logs into your YouTube account and does the bulk sending acting like a regular web browser. The Web version uses the "YouTube API" to do 100% of its bulk sending. The API is something that YouTube built themselves and gave to developers like us to build products with. Therefore, we are actually using what they want us to use. So in our mind, there is absolutely no way that you could get suspended with TubeAssist.  But, it's YouTube and sometimes they are a bunch of &^#$&^@*&#&^ so you never know. Currently, TubeAssist only has "Add Contacts" which is the safest feature and no one has ever been suspended for.

Q: Where did "Lists" go?

A: TubeAssist turns the two-step process of "Gathering" then "Sending" into a one-step process. You simple set "criteria" for the type of people you want to send to and TubeAssist will send those who match your criteria. If it runs out of people, it will redo a search for more people who match the criteria and continue sending until you stop the bulk process yourself. We currently have only one way to target people and set your criteria and that is by entering a Search Phrase. We do a search on YouTube and gather the people who have commented on videos in those search results. In the future we will add many more ways to gather, such as people who have commented on particular videos or videos within a channel. If I had to guess, I'd say some time in March those new gathering features will be available.

Q: When will the 'planned' features be implemented?

A: We will add them one at a time. The next planned feature is Bulk Subscriber To Channel which we hope to be out in February. Share Video will be next after that. We know that lots of people want share video but it happens to be the most complex for us. Plus, we ran some tests and using the API, it seems to be VERY limited. You can't get out very many per day so we're running tests and figuring out how to maximize output.

* Just a quick note to say thanks for checking out Tube Toolbox Web and please email us with the features that you want most. We will listen and work on getting in what the people want.