Take a look at how Tube Toolbox has adapted to the new Layouts in YouTube:

  1. We still allow you to create lists by "gathering" users who have commented on channels or videos. This is a way to target your audience and focus on people that would really be interested in your channel. As an example, if you find a channel that you want to target market to, you can select that channel and gather all users who have commented on that channel or its videos (see screenshot below).
  2. We provide the ability to Send Messages, Share Videos, Post Comments and Add Contacts for any of the lists you create.
  3. If you added friends using Tube Toolbox before the "elimination" of friends by YouTube, you should synchronize your contacts. By doing so, we create a new list called "My Old Contacts". This list will contain all friends you gathered through Tube Toolbox (presumably a large portion of your old "friends"). You can use this list to send messages/share videos to in addition to the current list of contact
  4. We offer a new feature labeled "Clean Contacts". YouTube only lists 5,000 of your contacts. These contacts contained closed YouTube accounts and may not be the contacts you really want to send to. Using our feature, you can clean your contact list by eliminating closed accounts, eliminating unwanted contacts (e.g. any contact that is not a subscriber, mutual contact, or has not commented on your channel or videos, etc). These allows you to focus on your important contacts.
  5. We have a feature which allows you to unsubscribe from your subscriptions so you can manage the number of subscriptions you are subscribed to. This again allows you to focus your efforts on channels that are most important to you.
  6. All the features above are automated. Instead of requiring you to sit at your computer for hours on end to increase your visibility within YouTube, Tube Toolbox does the work for you.