What is "Multi-Account Sending"?

Multi-Account sending allows you to link several of your YouTube Channels together within Tube Toolbox and Tube Toolbox will automatically rotate through them sending Messages (or Sharing Videos) from the accounts. If you have five accounts in your rotation, you can get about five times as many messages out per day as using a single account. Before you get too excited, please note that we have limits in place that we set to make sure SPAM doesn't get out of control - see below.

Adding and Selecting Accounts

Select the accounts that you want in the rotation on the Message Sending screen. All of the accounts that you have ever logged into Tube Toolbox with will show up in the list. You can also click "Add Account" to add a new account to Tube Toolbox. You can optionally leave your main account out of the sending rotation. This is a good option for those of you who are particularly worried about keeping your main account safe with YouTube.


Tube Toolbox Imposed Limits

In order to control SPAM, we only allow 4 additional accounts per paid Tube Toolbox Subscription. So, with a single paid subscription, you can have your main account plus 4 additional accounts. If you are paying for 2 Tube Toolbox subscriptions, then add the 2 paid accounts as part of the rotation and you can get a total of 10 in the rotation. Please note that the max is 4 paid accounts which means 20 in the rotation. Also note that YouTube can limit sending by IP Address so it doesn't always help to include that many accounts.